All benefits of the IHF Stretch System at a glance

Technical benefits

IHF Stretch System
  • Torsion-free, friction-free system
  • No bending or torsion stresses inside of the bolt because of the method
  • Higher utilization of the yield strength
  • Exact implementation of the pre-tensioning forces
  • High reproducibility of the pre-tensioning force
  • Easy and worksafe and faster mounting procedures – in-field tests have proven to be faster than common torqueing methods
  • Use of smaller bolt dimensions on equal pre-tensioning forces
  • Small bolting tool dimensions
  • Easy and simple mounting procedure

Economical benefits

Reduktion der Wartungsintervalle
  • Less maintenance costs: “Maintenance free bolting”
  • Less material costs: Reduction of the flange dimensions
  • Less fastener costs (when choosing smaller bolt diameters)
  • Less bolting tool costs
  • Less installation costs by a faster installation process
    • Less working staff costs
    • Less peripherical costs (energy, rental costs of machines and equipment, transport, running expenses)

Certified quality

Zertifizierte Qualität

The IHF Stretch System is certified by the follwing quality management systems and institutes:

  • European Technical Approval (ETA) from the German Institute of Construction Technology (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik
  • ETA covers production, fasteners, IHF Stretch System
  • In-field approval by the DN VGL (merged cooperation of the former certification insitutes Det Norske Vertias and Germanischer Lloyd)

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